my name is sara

I think it is so important to share a little bit of me with you prior to meeting so that you understand me not as a photographer but as a person. I am 34 years old, a mother of three beautiful, magical, kind and caring little souls the inspire me, every single day and a wife to my best friend of 11 years. I didn't realize the value of photos until I grew older. I lost my sister when I was in high school and years later I noticed I did not have too many photos with her. I have memories but I really wish I had more photos of us together, our adventures and enjoying life as we did when we were young. Once I became a mother I made it a goal of mine to capture as many moments as I possibly could. I capture the perfect moments and the imperfect ones as well. I have photos from when I first started that are blurry, out of focus and nothing like what am able to capture today, but they are still some of my favorites. They allow me to connect the memories I have and may have forgotten about, which is why photographs are so special to me. I continue to invest in myself and my art so that I can invest in you. 

I am a natural light photographer, so I do not use studio's or flash. The thought of being in a box all day when we can be free running through the grass and climbing a mountain, is a no-brainer for me. As your photographer, I want to share with you the beauty that I see in front of me and that is you. My goal is to create art that you can keep for a lifetime and pass on through your family for generations. I can guarantee you will not leave our session without a smile. We dance, sing, play and engage in ways that will leave your heart full.

I am so thankful that you have come to my little space and have taken the time to learn a little about me. I am excited to learn a little more about you. 

                                                                                                            - Sara